Meet the team behind the unofficial Women of Xbox community

Dhayana Sena – Founder

From her days as a Microsoft ExpertZone Game Master and partnered Mixer streamer, to now representing Australia and New Zealand as an Xbox MVP and Xbox Ambassador Community Champion, Dhayana (a.k.a MissDeusGeek) has been one of Australasia’s most dedicated Xbox gamers.

With experience across marketing, PR, streaming and content creation both in her professional career and in the games industry, Dhayana brings a wealth of knowledge and passion, particularly in advocating for diversity, inclusivity and accessibility in gaming.

Having experienced the challenges that women face in gaming, as well as, the growth and self-confidence that can come from being part of an open and supportive community, Dhayana saw an opportunity to provide a safe and welcoming space for others like her.

She developed Women of Xbox as an unofficial community to help bring female Xbox gamers, from around the world, together with the aim of supporting and empowering them to feel secure and confident as gamers.