Women of Xbox is a non-commercial & unofficial community of female Xbox gamers around the world.

Founded in June 2018 by Dhayana Sena (a.k.a MissDeusGeek), the community began as a simple Twitter account and Discord server to amplify all that female Xbox gamers were doing around the world, be it exciting events, special streams, dissemination of educational content and more. It also acted as a space for female Xbox gamers to find one another and get to know others who share in their passions.

Today, Women of Xbox has over a thousand members, which prompted the creation of an Instagram account and website in order to do more to highlight the amazing women within the community. These platforms will also be used to share Xbox news, product reviews and interviews with gaming developers, executives and more.

Our core aim is to support & empower female gamers and encourage diversity, as well as inclusivity, in gaming, particularly on Xbox.

Note: This community is not connected to or associated with Microsoft, Xbox or any of its subsidiaries in any way, shape of form.